Chowing Down in Chi-Town: Day 4


Whether on vacation or not, whether you happen to have stuffed yourself to the gills and sated yourself on liquor the night before or not, Sunday means one thing: Brunch. I had another restaurant on my ‘to try’ list, and while I wanted to check it out for dinner, time was working against me, so … Continue reading

Chowing Down in Chi-Town: Day 3


Another brisk, beautiful day in Chicago, and another stop at Intelligentsia, this time for a soy cappuccino and a bran-currant muffin. Mmmm, fiberful. I had been told that as an appreciator of beauty and an architects daughter (not to mention a huge geek who loves learning), I couldn’t miss the architectural boat tour of the … Continue reading

Chowing Down in Chi-Town: Day 2


Good morning Chicago! After an eventful first day, I slept soundly in my giant bed, and awoke ready to repeat. As has been the case with so many of my trips, I was blessed with beautiful weather; cool, yes, but sunny and clear (and once you get moving, you warm up pretty quick…especially if you’re … Continue reading

Chowing Down in Chi-Town: Day 1


Ever since reading Erik Larson’s The┬áDevil in the White City, an arguably genius work of nonfiction by one of my favorite authors, Chicago has been on my hit list. The book focuses on the World’s Fair that took place in Chicago’s Jackson Park in 1893, but intertwines the stories of famed architect and urban planner … Continue reading


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